Fishing In Wester Ross

Fishing In Wester Ross


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Fishing in Wester Ross: from Applecross to Gruinard Bay:
Produced and published by John D Heath in Aultbea
A practical guide to fishing in this area, written and produced by a local enthusiast. The book is packed full of useful information such as where to obtain permits, how to find the best lochs and rivers and what youre likely to catch.

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Loch Ewe WWII festival

20th April 2017

Loch Ewe WWII festival to be held in Poolewe and Aultbea. 6th and 7th May 2017...

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The Crawl Down The Ogre: An Illustrated Talk - July

13th April 2017

An Illustrated Talk by Mountaineer Doug Scott CBE, Doug will be telling his story of ...

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Christmas Tree Festival Launch

8th November 2016

GALE's Christmas Tree Festival will have it's opening on the 26th of November, at 4pm...

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